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I suppose most Bio's you run across are highlights of professional achievements one has accomplished in an attempt to stand out among the masses . While I can boast in my 25 years of experience, the accomplishment I am most proud of is my Family.. It really isn't an accomplishment in the sense of my professional life but it is what matters most to me and is the driving force behind everything I do. How I treat people, my desire to take care of my customers much like my family. You see... my wife whom I have known now for 28 years and have been married to for 22 recently passed away from a very aggressive cancer that took her life in 10 short months... but my point is saying this is my perspective is just very different than it used to be. I choose to live in the day and not in the past or the future. I value relationships and strive to nurture them whether it be family, friends or customers like you reading this. Trivial things have no space in my life and I have learned to extend grace even when others do not deserve it.. I am a man of integrity and I will not sacrifice that on the alter of making a sale. I choose this line of work because I enjoy helping folks find a place they can call home because HOME for me has a whole new meaning.. When the person you love most has their mortality starring them in the face, you take a different approach to people and circumstances.. Home truly is where the heart is. Our Home is our refuge from the world when the world presses on us. Our Family believes in the Love and Hope offered through Jesus Christ and it Has been His continual presence during this storm that has sustained us. He has been so gracious to us despite the circumstances and I am now looking to pay that forward. So as you search for someone to assist you in your endeavor to pursue a home and you find yourself reading this, please know that I would love the opportunity to help. 704-293-6269

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